Bio Statistics

Statistics and statistical applications are important for research design and enhance the process for policy formulation and implementation. Dealing with huge data and, sometimes, scanty data, requires statistical thought and logic. An efficiently planned survey can provide precise information leading to advance knowledge and possible predictions. A canvas of outcomes of a particular decision, the possible effects, and what if scenarios are important to gauge the outcomes of policies and actions. With an ever-increasing concern of climate change, simulation to know possible future as a resultant of actions taken today makes the use of statistical tools all the more necessary.

Statistical Applications in biology and environment take an important place as every action can affect the life form on the earth, whether adversely or positively. The vast amount of variations present in the field and the chaos that one witnesses in the form of extreme events make the use of quantitative methods all the more important.

IGREC has a dedicated unit to handle the statistical part in research and organize capacity building programmes in the field of forestry statistics, ecological statistics and statistical applications in other allied fields of forestry, environment and other biological sciences.

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