The Director of IGREC is currently involved in developing many Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects in the Afforestation/Reforestation sector in India and many other South East Asian countries including Myanmar and Cambodia. Apart from these IGREC is presently involved in the following international projects

UNEP Project

IGREC is currently working on the project “Emerging Issues in Climate Change: State of Tropospheric Temperature, Pollution, Melting Glaciers and their Potential Impact on Monsoon in the Himalayas-Tibetan Plateau & the Impact of Global Warming on High Altitude Vegetation in the Himalayas.” A workshop was hosted by IGREC as part of the project which was attended by number of senior as well as young scientists and researchers from different countries like USA, UK, China, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Nepal and India. The summary report of the workshop has been published by UNEP and IGREC is presently working on the publication of a book on the outcomes of the discussion had during the workshop.

FAO funded Project

IGREC is presently involved in the project titled “Regional Analysis of Forests and Climate Change in the South Asian Region” funded by FAO, Rome. The project examines the major issues and developments related to forests and climate change impacts and responses at international, regional and national levels. The opportunities for regional action to address gaps and needs are highlighted in the study. The study analyses the climate change policy and strategy issues, Financing and technology transfer for climate change mitigation and adaptation, regional and international collaboration and how well the forest policies and laws are incorporated into the climate change policies in various countries of the region. 

National Mission for Green India

The Director of IGREC is the member of the Core Committee within the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), involved in the planning and preparation of National Mission for green India which comes under the eight national missions of India’s National Action Plan for Climate Change (NAPCC). The Green India Mission focuses on the close linking of forest resources in India to climate change. The primary objective of the mission is to regenerate 6 m ha of degraded forests by 2017. IGREC is imparting strategic knowledge in the implementation of the mission by providing guidelines in the Afforestation/Reforestation mechanism in the various forest ecosystems in the country.

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