IGREC Papers

Research Papers

Research papers published by Dr. Promode Kant, Director, Institute of Green Economy
  • The REDD Market Should Not End Up a Subprime House of Cards: Introducing a New REDD Architecture for Environmental Integrity, Promode Kant & Wu Shuirong, Environmental Science and Technology., DOI: 10.1021/es202841b , Publication Date (Web): September 6, 2011
  • Extraordinary Collapse of Jatropha as a Global Biofuel, Promode Kant & Wu Shuirong, Environmental Science and Technology., DOI: 10.1021/es201943v, Publication Date (Web): August 2, 2011
  • Reducing Deforestation & Degradation through Post-colonial Settlement of Land Rights: a Case Study in India, Promode Kant & Wu Shuirong, Carbon & Climate Law Review, No. 3/2008, Lexxion Legal Publishers, Germany.
  • Redefining Baseline for Forestry Projects under CDM, Promode Kant & R P S Katwal, Indian Forester, Dehradun, India, Vol 129, No. 6, pp `682-690
  • Policy Support for Enhancing Economic Returns from Smallholder Plantations using carbon Credits and other Forest Values by Promode Kant, ‘Forestry for Poverty Reduction: Opportunities with CDM, Environmental Services and Biodiversity’ by FAO, RAP Publication 2004/22, ISBN No: 974-7946-57-2, pp 41-48.
  • Raising Kyoto Forests in Different Bio-geographic Zones of India – A Profitability Analysis by Promode Kant. Indian Forester, Dehradun, India, Vol 131, No. 9
  • Definition of Forests under the Kyoto Protocol: Choosing Appropriate Values for Crown Cover, Area and Tree Height for India, by Promode Kant, Indian Forester, Dehradun, India, Vol 132, No. 5
  • Clean Development Mechanism in Forestry Sector in India: Opportunities, Challenges and the State of Preparedness, by Promode Kant, published in ‘Climate Change, Kyoto Protocol and Forest Sector’ Youn Y. (ed) 2006. Korean studies Information Co., Ltd, Paju korea. ISBN 8953455340.
  • Exploring Possibilities of Reforestation of Forest Lands Exposed to Encroachment and Shifting Cultivation in the North Eastern India through Clean Development Mechanism, by Promode Kant & Katwal R P S, Proceedings of the National Workshop on ‘Technological Innovations and Research Advancements for Application in Joint Forest Management’, Feb 3-4, 2003, pp 153-159
  • Innovative Role of Tribal Institutions in Joint Forest Management in North Eastern India, By Imtienla Ao, Darlong V T, Promode Kant, published in the Proceedings of
    the International Workshop on ‘A Decade Joint Forest Management – Retrospection and Introspection’ June 19-20, 2000 pp 33-37.
  • Clearance of Large Hydel Projects: Environmental Procedures and Considerations by Promode Kant, published in Ecologist Asia, Vol. 11, No.1, 2003, pages 34-37.
  • Inter-relationship between the forest owning tribes and the plainsmen in Northeast India by Promode Kant, Silva Carelica, Vol 49, 2005, pages 203-213, published by University of Joensuu, Finland.
  • Balancing Public and Private Goods in Private Forestry by Promode Kant, paper presented at the FAO headquarter, Rome, on Oct 1, 2004, Published in ‘Communication Strategies for Multiple Partner Involvement in Forestry Extension’, IUFRO, 2006, pages 405-409
  • Public Interest Litigation Helps extend Scientific Forestry to Forests Owned by Tribes in India: An Economic, Legal and Equity Analysis by Promode Kant. Published in ‘Communication Strategies for Multiple Partner Involvement in Forestry Extension’, IUFRO, 2006, pages90-105.
  • R & D Requirements of Incorporating Environmental Goods and Services from Forests within JFM as an Effective Poverty Alleviation Strategy, Promode Kant & R P S Katwal, paper published in FAO, RAP publication
  • Bringing Forest Environmental Services Into The Economics of Tree Growing In India by Promode Kant, Compilation of Papers For Preparation of National Status Report On Forests And Forestry In India, Survey And Utilisation Division, Ministry of Environment & Forests, Government Of India, New Delhi, September 2006 pages 299-304
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